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As a business owner, you are passionate and work hard to be successful. Along the way you can meet many challenges. One of the challenges is an effective marketing strategy to get to the next level. While no one knows your business better than you, being so close to it can also be problematic. A marketing consultant brings an objective and fresh perspective and expertise.
Here at RGS Marketing Group™, we work with businesses to create and implement effective marketing strategies. When working with our clients we take the time to understand their business, their targeted audience and how they communicate with them, and what their goals are. With over 25 years of experience, skills and expertise, we can help your business with all your marketing needs.

RGS Marketing Group Marketing Consulting

it is far less expensive to hire a marketing consultant

It is far less expensive to hire a marketing consultant rather than pay a hefty salary and benefits to someone with the same level of experience and expertise on a full-time basis.

RGS Marketing Group Marketing Consulting Services


We create a detailed marketing plan, determine your brand message, and identify the suitable marketing strategy to get that message to your targeted audience. When hiring us, we follow the marketing plan through, working to execute and implement the strategy, all in-house, monitoring results, and making changes as needed.
We have had marketing consulting clients grow by as much as 35% in one year! Our goal is to help our clients differentiate their business from their competitors in a meaningful way. We are here to help our clients Attract, Capture, and Convert™ more customers. Take your business to the next level with us!

Educate. Inspire. Engage.

RGS Marketing Group™ offers marketing presentations for organizations, associations, business meetings, or at expos and corporate functions. We know presenting adds value to the audience, education, insight, as well as sharing experience and expertise. Our goal is to educate, inform, inspire, and engage the audience by delivering top-notch educational presentations.

RGS Marketing Group™ offers presentations for

RGS Marketing Group™ Presentation Samples

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SNAP DJ's Association

Presentation: So you got ’em to your web site, now what? The 10 common web site mistakes
We were asked to present for the SNAP DJ’s Association regarding web sites. In our communications, we chose to speak about the 10 common web site mistakes. The audience was engaged in participation, asked questions, and provided a positive dialogue.

RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association

Presentation: Increase Membership | Assoc. Awareness

The RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association has been established since 1940. We were contacted to consult and present to the board members on various ways to increase their membership. We analyzed what the RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association was doing currently and educated them on what forms of advertising they could utilize. After presenting, RIMPMA had hired us to help them implement our suggestions. They increased awareness and grew their membership, apprenticeship enrollment, and meeting attendance.

RI Library Association [ RILA ]

Presentation: The Importance of Branding In The Library
The Cranston Public Library is one of our many clients who utilized our services to implement a consistent brand. They approached us about presenting at RILA on the importance of branding in the library. We prepared an educational and engaging presentation to help convey what a consistent brand strategy could do for their library, including the testimonial on how we helped the Cranston Public Library.

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